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  • Captures temperature & humidity 24/7


  • Can monitor immense vineyards and wine cellars


  • Alerts whenever temperatures exceed pre-set criteria or the fluctuation is too rapid


Temperature is the crucial variable for wine makers and collectors. It is likely that relatively few wines are spoiled by low humidity, but many are ruined through storage at high and/or variable temperature and humidity levels. The rate of chemical reactions within wine increases as the temperature increases, which encourage the loss of alcohol and aroma and flavour compounds due to volatilisation. Low temperatures will result in a poor extraction of colour and tannins in red wines and can also cause sluggish fermentations and the production of high levels of ethyl acetate. High levels of humidity are damaging to labels and packaging and can lead to the drying out of the cork.


Our CC Air service monitors temperature and humidity quickly, easily and cost-effectively. CC Air offers precise temperature monitoring features focused on quality control: detailed time/temperature histories, highlighted events above or below specified temperature ranges, and full documentation. CC Air secures winemakers with sustainable management & monitoring practice on quality improvement and cost decrease for energy usage.

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