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Hutchison 3G
We invited all major B2B service providers to present their offerings but with Commerce-Connections we had the feeling that they can actually deliver on the ground. We also liked that CC is willing to try new things and not just plug their service.
Neil Watson – Pre-Sales Manager


BMI Healthcare
We had a look at what EDI providers were available to us and chose a number of them to put through Q&A, fact finding and some further assessments. It became quite clear that Commerce-Connections was the company for us. There were a number of factors supporting this, such as the flexibility that the team offered and the openness to work with us on a scaled basis making sure our initial setup was successful.
Stephen Beaumont – Finance Process Manager


DBC Foodservice
Just a quick note with a big thank you for your support in sorting out the problem and recovering the data. As a result of our team work Fresh Direct have all they need and will be able to meet deliveries to branches to schedule.
Paul Clements – IT Manager


British Sugar
We realised we were to be the first company to implement automatic reporting of export declarations through the Government Gateway, for which we could foresee a raft of technical uncertainties to be overcome. Even though we had been involved in EDI for several years and have our own EDI capability, there was a very specific set of requirements to be met within the messaging, and we saw this as a significant challenge. So we looked for a company with the knowledge and expertise to help us.


Commerce-Connections proved to be easy to work with - we gave them the problem and, despite many hurdles, they developed, tested and implemented a working solution, well within our timescales. We are more than satisfied with the result, which has encouraged us to move to the next phase, adding further functions to the system
Trevor Mills – Senior Systems Analyst

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