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  • Track 24/7 from manufacturing to delivery


  • Real-time alarm alerts


  • Life-time calibrate to accuracy of 0.1 -/+° C

Pharmaceutical temperature monitoring guidelines issued by the FDA (North America) and MHRA (UK) dictate that controlled drugs and vaccines stored in pharmacy fridges must meet benchmarks that deliver maximum efficacy and shelf-life. In addition, pharmacy fridge temperature monitoring systems are subject to regular audits for compliance to these guidelines as an integral part of the regulatory process.


To meet such strict protocols a comprehensive regime of pharmacy temperature monitoring and accurate record-keeping is the basis of the compliance strategy for any facility storing controlled drugs and vaccines. Manual pharmacy temperature monitoring at the level of detail needed is time-consuming, a poor use of highly-qualified resources and lacks the essential accuracy.


Commerce-Connections' web-based radio frequency temperature monitoring systems deliver accuracy, regulatory compliance and totally absolute audit trails to global customers in pharmacy or those who specialise in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Using web-based technology, data and records are securely accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world on any device running on a web-browser or an app.

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