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Cold chain/Food transport

  • Complete traceability throughout a produce journey


  • Temperature breaches flagged up instantly with real-time CC Air alarms


  • Fully automated system

 From the Frozen to the Fragile

Food is being transported over longer distances, from producer to consumer; this distance is often measured by ‘food miles’. In the UK, comparatively little of the food we consume comes from local producers; much will have been transported over great distances. There is a need to consider the environmental conditions that the goods will endure during transit. Will the goods go through high-humidity zones or extreme low temperature zones for example?


Temperature breaches in the cold chain need to be flagged up quickly and reliably. Our efficient and user-friendly data loggers and Smart sensors help to ensure accurate and effective cold chain management.


Commerce-Connections offers a chance to validate products at the point of use and while in transit, which will show clearly and unmistakably whether a product has been adversely affected by a temperature breach.


Our complete monitoring service introduces accountability measures into the shipping and handling stages of the temperature-sensitive cold chain. By providing prominent visual notification to shipping personnel of the presence of monitoring equipment, alarms and historical records encourage proper handling and transport of temperature-sensitive products.

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