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CC Air Smart Sensor

CC Air Smart Sensor
Ongoing real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity

Access to sensor records is available through the cloud, meaning any device with an internet connection and a browser can access the sensor statistics interface or the CC WebForms EDI application.

Key Features and Benefits

  •  Real-time monitoring of temperature
  •  Detailed visualisation of data
  •  Historic records stored for future analysis and comparison
  •  Individual sensor’s age and usage record constantly updated
  •  Custom alerts for specified temperature triggers
  •  Sensor can be used between multiple sender and delivery locations
  •  Sensor assembled in Germany
  •  Life-time factory-calibrated digital temperature sensor
  •  Standard temperature range: -30°C to 50°C (can be extended significantly)

Front of CC temperature sensor

Inside of CC temperature sensor. Components encased in durable mould.

Statistics Interface
The user interface is purposefully designed to be intuitive, therefore it requires minimal user training. Users can log on to the web application and access individual record transit records or browse through historic records.


  •  During manufacture, each sensor is paired with an RFID tag allowing for instant sensor recognition
  •  A sensor receiver can be used to read data in real time amongst potentially hundreds of sensors within range
  •  The range of each sensor in normal conditions is up to 500 metres. Repeaters can be used to extend this range
  •  There are no additional hardware requirements

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